1981-I got my first camera

A Kodak 110 with an extra set of cube flashes.  I think I spent all of my flashes in the span of just minutes.  11 years old, I often begged my dad to take my film to get developed only to find a series of blurry images, most of which have been now lost to time.  Eventually I learned to take better shots, studied the basics of composition and how to get along with an SLR in high school, when I graduated to my Minolta X370, which I still have to this day (and it still works!).  Bought an old Rolleiflex  on Ebay when I lived in Telluride, CO, the only way I could afford to get into a larger format and loved every minute of it.

In 2011 I enrolled at Appalachian State University and completed my Bachelor's in Studio Art in 2015. So now I have an Art Degree to go with my 35 years of experience of shooting pictures and doing other artsy things as well.

Fast forward to 2016 when the world has gone from film photography to digital and I too have had to embrace the times.  Gone are the days of spending entire days locked away in a dark room (although I miss it) to now having the contents of an entire dark room within the confines of a PC.  While the transition wasn't easy, I have now fully embraced software such as Photoshop and LightRoom, making my images that much better.  And again, I am embracing new technology with my Sony Mirrorless medium format camera and have not looked back.

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"I think I've been taking pictures all my life....long before I ever had a camera," to quote one of my favorite movie remakes, Sabrina...and that's exactly why I love Photography.  A photographic image captures a moment in time and within it a mood, an emotion, perhaps even something not seen by the eye but only by the miracle of the split-second the shutter is released.  Regardless of what I'm photographing, each photo shoot fascinates and challenges me.  

Whether a home, an object or a person, the interplay between light and subject, the nuances of compositional analysis and ever-changing conditions keep me captivated.